Try to find your meal in shots !

Do you ever we have spoken about cooking ideas ?

Yes this one of those landscapes I can sit and watch it for long time and dine my own item of the day from it . It’s my lovely and incredible landscape .

Do you remember in latest article has spoken together about cook and views relations along with nature ?

Yes ! Look at it it’s really look like a fried egg meal out of duck eggs for me .

Or truly it can stand for a mouth watering dish of Persian food which name stand for “Shirin polo with Murgh ” which is combination of well done cooked rice which is fried dry fruits mixed with aromatic saffron rice in different tones and decorated with rest dry fruits , mass of fried sweet carrots and orange sling strips along with resins and special berry of iran ” Zereshk”which chicken and meat prices are damn and hided under this hill of joy !

This scene always remind me that stunning meal of food and mouth watering meal which is special to social gathering or family toffethering of Iranian families .

This is know as parties special and is one of weddings important foods .

This would make it amazing and specific to who ever want to taste swear and sweet taste in main time and enjoy the deep Persian culture !

Photo is picked up from net and photograph is unknown !


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