build a platform for every​ job and cooking!​!


build a platform for every job and cooking means nothing but in other aspects, I wanna say that you always need a peaceful place which is counted as your platform and would help you to find your creative talent and find a target to work on it!

success never would come from a specific structure or situation. it never creates from your special institutions or tuitions. it only can create by you and within you!

let’s imagine your house! where is the comfiest part of your house. ? for me there two place which I can work and think properly on this chair and inside my kitchen once I cook!

I know these two place my platform of think, plan, strategy creation, creativity and final decisions and performances! view of my window is an airport and blue sky and buildings which usually reminds me different vegetables and food materials color and would initiate the first step of my cooking!

I get up and sit on my cozy place and think about and looking at my views and think what are reminders and colors which I can recognize her in this shot!

each and every morning for me is a shot of cooking ! then I plan to prepare some material or sometimes only focus to limit my self and create out of what I have ! but for all these optional situations which can change has one main target! I have to cook and enjoy my time with my family or with my self!


this food is a combination of bread, egg, cucumber, tomato and couple of crispy and grilled eggs which are cooked medium and would give you the chance of tasting aromatic smell and taste of egg meals with a bit chili fighter taste and Himalayan salt which make it super mesmerized meal!

definitely, even most of the human in the world are able to cook it and have it in a fraction of second!

but lets c how do I look at this simple meal and how I plan to have it! once I tried to cook this food for my lunch almost my kitchen was empty and since the occupation of thesis writing could not get time to go bazaar for shopping!

I could have an open kitchen and do some nagging and close it!


  • Meal no 2: pick up my numerous apps and order a food trough easy way of app and waiting for it!
  •  Meal no 1: forget having food and scape my meal
  • Meal no 3: could get up and think what I can prepare with only a few items I had?

Definitely, I have chosen the third option, and could make the first meal as you saw in the photo which I love it so much! with few garlic then definitely life would be a magic or i could make a juicy and tasty scrambled egg with accompany of salad as you see or even could make an aromatic and juicy omelet with combination of tomato and scrambled egg or a scrambled egg which developed in a layers of salted butter and  it is decorated with bread and cucumbers as it is !

you see ? all is possible with same material , its not about what you have ? its just all about what you want ! get up check fridge and make a spiritual moment of life for your self or others ! restaurants and shops are always there for you to cook but we don’t know how long do we have time to make on my own!


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