Start your life with colors of food, chicken, ​and vegetables!


Baghali polo ba Murgh ( broad bean rice with chicken )

Do you know in such world and era we are living today and we always hear here or there about women power, women empower, women strength, women work, feminism ( which I do believe it totally understood wrongly in common sense ), women innovations, women managements, women occupying higher positions and etc…


There is a most important and primary skill of women are getting missed these days. cooking! I do believe all those pleasure and joy of talents, performances, success, strength but I do believe also feminism is not all about always protesting, shouting, becoming violent and rough to show and announce our words and speeches to rest world people and to gents communities and clubs!

Feminism is also, about how to cook a delicious food and prepare a delicate night and spiritual moment to make them sit and think about the reality of life ! about the moments can hold their mind in hand and ask them to do so!

Now think, if I cook this delicious amazing food, a mixture of rice and herbs with some broad beans which boiled with aromatic spices and natural ghee ( kind of animal fat which concentrated from pure milk fat )which spread a delicate and spiritual lovely atmosphere to the house which is accompanied with chicken stew also which boiled in proper spices and royal Saffran .

I do believe feminism is the power of strengthening women to develop a platform of life to make equality and equity for both genders!

He works, I work, he helps, i cook and we enjoy of being together not against each other !





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