Coming back as a ​cook!​!

img_20181027_161501I have come back again and I am trying to make my presence and change of activities on this page!

Since I was involved in my postgraduate studies, I couldn’t find the proper time to spend on social media!
Now I would love to share my love for #colors  #foods #vegtables #cook  #food  #meat #mutton #chicken #fat #salt #oil #spices #india #iran #fabrics #combinations #rulebreaking and in last would bring to you, sense of sharing life , sense of joy &  joy of life!

I am standing up for Persian & Indian cooks and I know how to create new taste out of basic things found in these wonderful countries!

I would love to share with you my Persian & Indian foods & Combination of both.

From now onwards I will cook and post each and every type of Persian recipes from different states of Iran, specially from the state called Guilan. “The state” of Iran where my ancestors and grandparents belong to!

I am a girl born in Tehran and my parents come from two different northern states of Iran, and recently married to an Indian man. I have melted and dissolved within these two cultures!


Let’s go on this tasty trip of these two wonderful countries!!!




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