life is Rigid !

as a middle East women which want to marrying a person from East of the world with many differences in culture and also many similarities  ,sometimes I suffer difficulties and problems regarding the daily life and future which is not very clear for me . 

like many things which I have to follow up even without knowing the reaons and troubles of not knowing what they mean . why they  (Indian Muslim from Kashmir) people have this much Govia of the eyes concept (or chashm  nazar  ,it means somebody will transfer negative energies by being jealous on you if they would know more about your happiness or success ) . 

it’s a bit suspicious culture for me bit I do respect and try to do but even if you would go to discuss with them regarding why ,if ,and how of these definitely they never would be able to proof you any thing or convince you clearly.  

I am doing all my best regarding my education and I do study hard and am student of good university and graduate with best ones till present but after all these costs and expenses would not know clearly would I be able to use them in future or not ! 

but still during my all process try to enjoy of tailoring or cooking in life 

tailoring machine can make pain sometimes by the injuries which make for you but when ever you would hang up your curtain after making it definitely you would become float in joy of creativity . 

The is the same story with the cooking ,sometimes you would burn your self and get the pain but it won’t change anything in good taste of foods which would give you a ecstatic sense after it !

so have to accept the pains and enjoy the life which is though!

Hope to do something better till now in future .  

and hope to see the world something delicate and flexible than these days which are experiencing.  

The world is covered by the ISIS in east and west and some new concept of hitler dictators as Kim Jong Un  or trump . 


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