My journey to India 

That my story is started from year  2011 which for the first time I used to come to India .. I had much much up and down in this territory which used to be very different of my own country . ! Land of freedom and color , spices and fabrics , and most interesting subject of India for me was flowers on ladies head which is attached to their hair with full gown saree in different qualities and flavours , full of shines , colors, sone of them used to be out of silk ,some cotton or mix of both or maybe Gorget or Dantel and very much are beautiful .

If you would be a lucky traveler and will have a familiar person there or maybe a friend then it’s like jumping to the honey and milk bath!

I was alone and was not that much lucky to know somebody there , but as always which i used to be head strong i just left every thing of home behind and I took flight and came for first time to India ,!

First I have been in Bangalore , that’s a city in South of India in Karnataka state !

I have to tell you about most of things of my journey !

This story will continue…..!






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